Our video clips are showing the performance of the gimbals.

Please observe that these videos are compressed and the original quality may have been lost. Download the video clips to your local computer by pressing the right mouse button on below links and choose "Save target as..." in the menu.

OTUS Gimbal Family

OTUS-U250 on helicopter and rescue boat mission, 720p (MP4, 188 MB)

OTUS video processing options, digital stabilization, multi-target tracker, moving target detection, etc. (MP4, 63 MB)

OTUS-U135 on various platforms in both HD and SD video, 1080p (MP4, 233 MB)

OTUS-U135 on various platforms in both HD and SD video, 720p (MP4, 93 MB)

OTUS-U135 Surveyor Duo and OTUS-170 High-Def medley (MP4, 47 MB)

OTUS-L170 Spotter mounted on the Infotron UAV during Eurosatory (MP4, 205 MB)

OTUS-L170 High-Def mounted on a Schweizer 300 (MP4, 81 MB)

OTUS-L205 High-Def, video tracker enabled, mounted on the IncentiveAviation Gyrocopter (MP4, 37 MB)

OTUS-L205 HighDef mounted on a SKIVE Television Airship 2010 (MP4, 181 MB)

OTUS-U135 Surveyor mounted on a Schweizer 300 (MP4, 134 MB)

SAITIS Themal Imager Family

SAITIS-640 inside our hangar (AVI, 251 MB)

SAITIS-640 shooting a Volvo (AVI, 218 MB)

DSEI 2019

During the DSEI, the Defence & Security Equipment International event at Excel in London September 10-13, 2019, DST presented the all-new OTUS U135NG and the OTUS U170, both of which are fully tested to reach the unprecedented pointing stability of 50 ╬╝rad RMS on challenging MIL STD helicopter profiles.

The now thoroughly MIL tested OTUS U250, by far the lightest quad-axis multi-sensor platform on the market, was showcased alongside the updated OTUS U200 which is now also capable of delivering superb cooled MW imaging with true optical zoom at a fraction of the weight and cost of the competition.

We thank all our visitors for visiting out booth during the hectic days at DSEI.

Daniel Ahlin and Jan-Erik Stromberg


DST Control had five successful and hectic days at IDEX in Abu Dhabi. Thank you all visitors. Next up is the HELI-EXPO in Dallas. We will hopefully see you there or at another upcoming event.

IDEX booth 2017

After an extensive test period the OTUS-U250 is verified against MIL-STD-810G

Tests include Temperature, Altitude, Humidity, Shock, Vibration, Waterproofness, Dustproofness, Solar radiation, Aerodynamic Load, Power input and Emission of Radio Frequencey Energy.

DST Control participated at Helitech International in Amsterdam October 11-13. We thank all our visitors for rewarding and stimulating meetings. We will hopefully see each other soon again at one of the upcoming events.

Helitech booth 2016