4-axis gyro stabilised multi gimbal

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The all new four axis multi sensor gyro stabilised OTUS U-250 gimbal reaches an entirely new level of stabilisation due to a combination of purpose-built high-bandwidth torque motors and geared motors.

All electronics required for the advanced digital control fits within the unit shell. The user only has to connect external power, a video monitor and a joystick.

A three dimensional micro-mechanical IMU and a laser range finder mounted directly on the optical bench, allows for advanced features like geo-location and geo-positioning, provided an external heading source is connected to the OTUS-U250.

The powerful digital servo controller of the OTUS-U250 is even capable of providing enough computational power to drive optional features like vehicle control and navigation.


Technical specifications

Gimbal System Four axis gyro stabilised fully integrated direct drive gimbal with embedded laser range finder
Stabilisation Better than 50 urad
Range Finder Performance Up to 10 km range (option)
Pan/Tilt Range and Slew Rate Infinite range if payload do not require extending snout (sliprings in both axes), 120°/sec maximum slew rate
Interfaces 1 x RS485 for user interaction, 2 x composite video and/or one component video
Feedback Performance 0.036°/±0.1° typical encoder resolution/accuracy, 200 Hz update rate
Power requirements 18 to 36 Vdc, 70 W (typical)
Temperature 0 to +50°C operational, -40 to +50°C (option), -20 to +85°C storage
Weight 7-12 kg (depending on payload)
Dimensions 254 mm diamater x 342 mm height
Standard payload Multiple choice of sensors, see datasheet for our standard sensors


OTUS-U250 - NOTE: 1,2,3,4
Laser range finder >2 km -LR2K NOTE: 5
Laser range finder >4 km -LR4K NOTE: 6
Automatic video tracking -VT  
Geo-location -GL  
Geo-tracking -GT NOTE: 7
Low temperature handling -LT NOTE: 8
NTSC video interface -NT  
Check out the OTUS Accessories pages for Hand Control Units, Video Recorders, etc.    
1: Standard protection level: IP65
2: Standard surface coating colour: Satin Gray
3: EO payload: SONY FCB-EX1020P 1.7-57.8°, PAL or NTSC, or SONY FCB-EH6300 HFOV 2.9-55.4°, HD component
4: LWIR payload: SAITIS 640 / Flir Tau 640, 640 x 480 pixels, uncooled, 7.5-13.5 μm, 6 x zoom
MWIR payload: Sofradir Leo, 640 x 480 pixels, cooled, 3.7-4.8 μm, 10 x zoom
5: LRF: Laser Range Finder >2000 range, 1 m accuracy
6: LRF: Laser Range Finder >4000 range, 1 m accuracy
7: Geo-tracking: Requires Geo-location option
8: Low temperature: -40 to +50°C operational

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