The most advanced stabilized micro gimbal systems on the market



OTUS-U250 reaches an entirely new level of stabilisation due to the 4-axis combination of purpose-built high-bandwidth torque motors and geared motors.

All electronics required for the advanced digital control fi ts within the unit shell. The user only has to connect external power, a video monitor and a joystick. A free-of-charge control program is always included together with the gimbal. The three dimensional micro-mechanical IMU and an optional laser range fi nder are mounted directly on the optical bench, allows for advanced features like geo-location and geo-positioning, provided an external heading source is connected to the gimbal.
Also features like video tracker, video overlay and advanced video processing is fully integrated within the gimbal for optimal performance.

The gimbals in the OTUS range provide unmatched image quality over similar camera systems in its class. The OTUS gimbals are available in diff erent sizes and confi gurations. The gimbals can be equipped with up to four sensors including daylight cameras, uncooled and cooled infrared imagers, laser pointers, laser range fi nders and laser illuminators. Applications include unmanned and manned vehicles, law enforcement, surveillance and mapping.

Configure OTUS-U250

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